Significant Considerations in Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

While Smile Center Turkey carries out patient protection diligently, it also has a working discipline that does not disrupt the preliminary briefing processes. Accordingly, we not only follow the developments in the sector day by day, but also try to provide better service by researching the possibilities of all our aesthetic/cosmetic surgery operations so that there is no question mark in our patients' minds.

The first point that our patients should pay attention in this regard is that aesthetic operations must be performed by specialists. It would be appropriate to search about the expert staff to be presented either by Smile Center Turkey or a different service provider for plastic surgery.

Professional labels of experts in our fields of work also represent an area of great importance. Although patients are generally knowledgeable about this issue, it is very important to know the place of definitions in the literature.


People known as Aestheticians refer to those who are not graduated from medical school and do not have any authority other than epilation procedures.

Medical Aesthetician Physicians, on the other hand, is a definition that is valid for employees whose fields of specialization do not go beyond practice, even if they are medical faculty graduates. Within their limited jurisdiction, they can only perform IPL laser epilation on an aesthetic basis and cannot perform cosmetic surgeries.

The extensive specialty you need and the specialists of the Smile Center Turkey team are defined as Plastic Surgeons. These specialists consist of people who have passed the specialty examination in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery after graduating from medical school and have completed their thesis. These specialists, who can access the competencies of all aesthetic operations, have also been working as the sole authority in laser hair removal procedures in Turkey since 2008.

Therefore, the first question you should ask before undertaking an operation and consulting aesthetic issues is the professional competency level of the people who will perform the procedure. When it comes to health, ignoring this question may have serious consequences.

All Smile Center Turkey physicians are Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeons.

Updated Date: September 18, 2023
Published Date: August 1, 2023