Zirconia Crowns Turkey

An aesthetic smile makeover sounds like an expensive, long, and complicated process, but with Zirconia Crown Turkey at Smile Center located in Antalya, all your worries will be washed away. Our zirconia crown price Turkey is budget-friendly! What’s more, we offer many dental treatments and dental implants, and Zirconia Crown Turkey is just one of them.

Zirconia Crown Types

Our zirconia crown price Turkey is cheap, but the pricing may change with the type used. At Smile Center, we offer three types of zirconia crowns:

  • Solid or Monolithic Zirconia: Highly durable and recommended for posterior crowns due to its opacity and strength.

  • Layered Zirconia: Provides a more translucent and realistic smile, commonly used for anterior crowns.

  • High Translucent Zirconia: Offers a natural appearance, blending seamlessly with surrounding teeth and providing enhanced durability.

Our experienced dental professionals will assess your needs to determine the most suitable zirconia crown type for optimal dental restoration results. Contact us for more information on zirconia crown types.

Common Possible Reactions Of Dental Zirconia Crown

With zirconia crown Turkey, there are common possible reactions. These include rare allergic reactions, infections around the crown, gum disease, loose crowns, sensitivity, crown fractures, cavities, ill-fitting crowns, chipped crowns, and dark lines on the gums. While these complications can occur after your zirconia crown Turkey procedure, our experienced dentists at Smile Center prioritize patient care and take precautions to minimize risks. Regular check-ups and proper oral hygiene practices are crucial for maintaining the longevity and health of dental crowns.

Zirconia Crown Advantages

At Smile Center, like our dental crowns and dental veneers, our zirconia crowns have many advantages. Our zirconia crowns Turkey offer natural aesthetics, exceptional durability, biocompatibility, and a comfortable fit. With zirconia crown Turkey you will experience:

  • Natural aesthetics, blending seamlessly with your smile.

  • Exceptional durability, resisting chipping, cracking, and wear.

  • Biocompatibility, suitable for patients with sensitivities or metal allergies.

  • Strength and functionality, providing reliable and long-lasting restoration.

  • Metal-free and aesthetic appeal, eliminating the risk of metal allergies and dark lines.

  • Conservative tooth preparation, preserving natural tooth structure.

  • Comfortable fit, biocompatible, and smooth in the mouth.


Zirconia Crowns Turkey Before After Results

What is Zirconia Crowns Turkey?

A zirconium crown is a dental restoration crafted from zirconium dioxide, a resilient and biocompatible ceramic material. Our experts at Smile Center use zirconium crowns to repair and strengthen teeth that are damaged or decayed. Zirconia crown Turkey offers a natural appearance while providing long-lasting durability.

Zirconia Crowns Turkey After Care

After your zirconia crown Turkey procedure at Smile Center, remember to take prescribed pain medication, avoid eating or drinking until the local anesthesia wears off, stick to soft foods initially, rest and avoid strenuous activities, consider using a topical anesthetic gel for sensitivity, and follow personalized aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery. Contact us if you have more questions on this topic and don’t forget to read our reviews for a better idea.

Zirconia Crowns Turkey Smile Story

Zirconia Crown Turkey Cost vs UK & US

Zirconia crown cost Turkey is cheaper and of the same quality! At Smile Center, we offer affordable and high-quality full crowns. Our materials meet European and US standards, ensuring excellent treatment outcomes. With a 7-year guarantee against fracturing or breaking, we prioritize the longevity of our zirconia crowns. Our zirconia crown price in Turkey is $200 per tooth, while in the UK it is $700-$1000, and $1,000-$2,500 in the US. You can read our reviews on zirconia crown cost Turkey and zirconia crown price Turkey for our patient’s thoughts on the prices!

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Zirconia Crowns Turkey FAQ

Zirconia crowns can last for many years, typically ranging from 10 to 15 years or longer with proper care and maintenance.

Zirconia crowns in Turkey are known for their high quality. Smile Center in Turkey utilizes materials on par with European and US standards to ensure top-notch zirconia crowns.

Zirconia crowns can improve the appearance of crooked teeth to some extent, but they may not be the primary choice for extensive orthodontic correction. Consult with our professionals to determine the best treatment approach for your specific case.

Yes, zirconia crowns can be placed on multiple teeth at once, providing a comprehensive and cohesive restoration. The exact number of teeth suitable for zirconia crowns will depend on individual circumstances and the dentist's evaluation.