Teeth Whitening Turkey

Your teeth will become yellow over time even if you brush them regularly, and factors like smoking and excessive coffee consumption may fasten this process. Teeth whitening is a great way to counter this problem, and teeth whitening in Turkey is high in popularity due to teeth whitening Turkey costs and its expertise. Visit us at Smile Center for more details, our English-speaking staff can help you on your journey in teeth whitening Turkey!

Teeth Whitening Types

There are various types of technologies for teeth whitening. Here at Smile Center, we specialize in Laser teeth whitening and Zoom teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening Turkey utilizes a specialized laser tool to heat the bleaching solution. This heat aids in the oxidation process, effectively brightening your teeth. Laser teeth whitening aims to whiten one tooth at a time.

Zoom teeth whitening in Turkey utilizes a special ultraviolet light to activate the whitening gel. The significant advantage of Zoom is that the light filters out most of the infrared emissions, minimizing heat exposure during the process. This means that the risk of discomfort is significantly reduced, making it a preferred option for individuals with sensitivity concerns. Additionally, the shape of the instrument used in Zoom whitening allows for the simultaneous whitening of an entire set of teeth, making the process more efficient and time saving compared to treating one tooth at a time.

Common Possible Reactions Of Dental Teeth Whitening

While our teeth whitening Turkey experts are exceptionally talented, reactions may occur, including temporary tooth sensitivity and mild gum irritation. These reactions are typically related to the concentration of the bleaching agent and treatment duration. Gum protection is provided during our procedures. While rare, in vitro, studies suggest risks like tooth erosion and increased susceptibility to demineralization. Our experienced team follows regulated protocols to minimize these risks and ensure your safety and comfort during the teeth whitening process.

What is Teeth Whitening Turkey?

Turkey’s teeth whitening is a highly effective dental treatment method aimed at brightening the natural shade of your teeth while preserving the integrity of the tooth surface. At our clinic, teeth whitening Turkey Antalya, by utilizing various techniques and products, we help you with this process that helps to lighten the existing color of your teeth without undergoing any invasive procedures.

Despite being the best teeth whitening Turkey Antalya clinic, this procedure can’t turn your stained teeth completely white at once, but it can noticeably lighten the shade of your teeth, resulting in a more radiant and attractive smile. Whether you're dealing with tooth discoloration due to aging, lifestyle habits, or certain food and drinks, teeth our teeth whitening offers a safe and non-destructive solution to enhance your smile's aesthetics. You can read our teeth whitening reviews Turkey for more ideas!

Teeth Whitening Turkey After Care

Turkey’s teeth whitening aftercare is very crucial for the best results. We recommend you avoid staining foods like coffee and berries, stay away from acidic items, eat crunchy fruits and vegetables, increase calcium intake, avoid hot and cold foods, and rinse or brush your teeth after consuming staining substances. Remember to maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular dental check-ups for long-lasting teeth whitening Turkey results.

Teeth Whitening Turkey Smile Story

Teeth Whitening Turkey Cost vs UK & US

Teeth whitening in Turkey prices are cheaper than in the UK and the US, but our services are of the same quality. The cost of teeth whitening in Turkey is roughly $250 while it is $500 in the US and $520-$600 in the UK. For instance, laser teeth whitening Turkey cost around $150, but with teeth whitening Turkey package all on four dental implant Turkey, you can save money while treating other oral needs like dental implants and dental veneers!

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Teeth Whitening Turkey FAQ

Teeth whitening, when done properly, should not damage enamel. Following our professional guidelines and using reputable products is crucial to ensure the safety of your enamel during the whitening process.

Results vary depending on the individual and the whitening method used. In many cases, you can see noticeable results after the first treatment, with full results typically achieved within a few weeks of completing the recommended treatment plan.

Yes, smoking and drinking coffee (as well as other staining substances like tea and red wine) can impact the longevity of teeth whitening results. These habits can contribute to new stains forming on the teeth over time.

After teeth whitening, it is recommended to avoid consuming deeply colored foods and drinks, as well as acidic items that can further weaken enamel. Maintaining good oral hygiene, like regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups, is essential to enhance the results.

Teeth whitening is generally not recommended for individuals with active gum disease. It is important to address any underlying dental issues, including gum disease, before pursuing teeth whitening.