The Rock with Hair: Will Dwayne Johnson Ever Get His Hair Back?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a famous entertainment icon with success in acting and professional wrestling. He is one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world today.

The Rock's career began in professional wrestling, where he quickly rose to fame for his herculean build and impressive performance. He later transitioned to acting and starred in many successful films, including the Fast and Furious franchise.

Although he has an intimidating body with huge muscles, the Rock has demonstrated a warm and friendly personality, making him one of the most beloved celebrities of our day. And his baldness is no doubt one of the most prominent features of the Rock. Since many questions surround this topic, we believe it is time to answer them.

Did Rock Ever Have Hair?

If you look at the Rock's older pictures, you can see that the young Rock had really cool hair. He had hair when he debuted as a WWE wrestler and kept his hair short - but not shaven - until his late WWE period. He also had hair in the earliest movies he starred in, such as The Mummy, The Scorpion King or The Game Plan.

But why don't we remember him with hair? It might be because he decided to shave his head around 2010 and has been bald ever since. Considering that he earned worldwide fame around that time, it's unsurprising that most people know him with a shiny head.

He Started Losing It During His WWE Era

Even though the Rock had hair during his youth, his hair was never well-endowed. Even in his 20s or 30s, the Rock had a recessed hairline, which was a sign that he might lose most of his hair in future.

When the Rock began his career in WWE, he started to show signs of hair loss. In only a few years, the Rock's hairline was significantly recessed, and his alopecia became more severe.

He Decided Not to Keep His Hair

Since he was already losing his hair, the Rock decided to shave it and go bald. One of the main reasons for this decision was the difficulty of transplanting his curly Afro hair. And even though he could easily find a surgeon who would readily treat him, one of the most famous wrestlers of WWE, he didn't want to. So, the Rock willingly went bald and created his present image.

Will He Ever Get His Hair Back?

It is difficult to answer whether the Rock will get his hair back. Since he didn't say anything on the topic, we can assume that he likes his image and has no intentions of having a hair transplant. But this isn't so surprising, considering that his lack of hair actually highlights other parts of his body and emphasises his muscular build.

Is Going Bald Ever a Choice?

You might think going bald is not a decision people usually go with. Often, having hair seems to have more advantages than being bald since it gives a person more options - you can grow, style or shave it whenever you want.

But for some people, and in this case, for the Rock, having hair might not be ideal. If your hair is curly and thick, you might have difficulty dealing with it. Especially those who work out regularly will understand the point since long hair can be problematic while lifting weights, running, jumping, or fighting. After a long workout session, your hair will get messy, greasy, and heavy. So yes, going bald is definitely an option for athletes.

Also, going bald is an aesthetic choice as well. The Rock might be one of the most famous bald celebrities, and we all know - and love - him with his unique look.

Should I Have a Hair Transplant?

If you like how you look without hair, there is no reason to have a hair transplant. Nevertheless, remember that having hair will give you the option of shaving it or keeping it. So you'll have the freedom to choose how you want to present yourself. However, if you have no hair, you have no choice but to be bald.

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Updated Date: September 18, 2023
Published Date: September 11, 2023