12 Things You Should Know About Dentures

A Denture is a exact solution for people who have lost substantial pieces of their teeth. Denture, which we know as a solution for oral health, are preferred by people very often. It has a feature that will not disrupt and protect people's smiles and oral aesthetics. However, the most important thing is to replace the lost teeth with denture and to create the integrity in the best way. Thus, your oral health and oral aesthetics will be restored to a great extent.

What are the Prosthesis Types?

Fixed Denture: They are bridge-crown-like bonded dentures.

Removable Dentures: They are total or partial dentures.

Implant Top Dentures: Fixed or removable.

Total Prostheses

Single Crowns

Partial Dentures

Precision Retained Dentures

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Things to Know About Prosthetic Teeth

1- For oral tissue health, you need to remove the denture every evening.

2- You should brush the denture teeth every day. Thus, food residues and plaques on the denture  teeth will be cleaned.

3- People who use fixed denture teeth should brush their teeth twice a day. It should not interfere with the use of dental floss. In addition, especially the body parts that replace the lost teeth should be cleaned for the care of denture teeth. To do these, special dental floss and interface brushes should be used. If the maintenance of fixed dentures is not done properly, problems such as gum problems and bad breath may occur in the future.

4- If removable dentures are used, they should be removed after eating food. It should be cleaned with plenty of water.

5- Toothbrushes exclusively produced for dentures should be preferred for denture brushing. Soft-bristled toothbrushes can also be used.

6- Substances that will damage the polish of the denture teeth should be avoided.

7- Chemicals such as detergent, bleach and soap should not be used while cleaning the denture teeth.

8- Denture cleaning tablets should be used. Denture teeth should be kept until morning at least twice a week.

9- Denture cleaning tablets provide an additional cleaning to your teeth that you have cleaned in your daily brushing. Thus, you provide chemical cleaning.

10- When you take your dentures out, they must stay in water.

11- In order to prevent problems such as falling and breaking during brushing, brushing should be done with a soft towel or a bowl filled with water.

12- You should go to the dentist at least once in every 6 months. Thus, you provide the necessary controls and avoid future problems.

Updated Date: September 18, 2023
Published Date: August 1, 2023