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Root canal treatment is a standard method used in the treatment of decayed teeth and intervention in the root of the tooth to prevent tooth loss. The intervention performed after the diagnosis of decay symptoms is the cleaning process of tooth roots called the pulp.

Decays may cause big gingival problems if not treated effectively on time. Bone deformation may also be inevitable in progressive cases along with loss of the tooth. The dentist first identifies the infected teeth during the root canal treatment. The spreading area of infection and the bone condition can be determined by a pre-operative x-ray.

In addition to the infected teeth cases, root canal treatment is also performed for crown processes of our patients visiting Smile Center Turkey. Pulps may be approached while reshaping the crooked or misaligned teeth during the aesthetic smile makeover process. Hence, the pulps are removed at varying extents depending on the factors determining the crown needs of our patients.

The leading factors are the positions of pulps existing in the natural structure of teeth and the resection angle administered for aesthetic makeover purposes arising from the natural positions of the teeth. Moreover, crown types such as laminate, EMAX, porcelain, and zirconia are determiners herein.


Basically, the tooth root is cleaned, and the tooth pulp is removed and sealed in root canal treatment. Removing pulps from teeth does not lead to any adverse conditions. Because pulps take on merely the function for hot – cold sensitivity after mid-twenties particularly. Accordingly, the tooth pulp is removed to prevent any sensitivity pain in the crown procedures to be performed.

Tooth pulp removal may be followed by either temporary filling, drug placement for recovery, or direct crowns fitting processes depending on the decision of your dentist along with the scale of the administered procedures.


After the tooth root recovers completely by root canal treatment which is conducted to avoid tooth extraction for many years, you will decide on filling and crown options in consultation with your dentist. Only a one-time visit to Turkey for 1 week is sufficient for a healthy and aesthetic smile makeover with crowns.

Consequently, the competency of dentists and the quality of the equipment are quite important for root canal treatment. You can be sure that you will receive a fully equipped pre-operative and post-operative medical service at Smile Center Turkey dental clinics.

The head dentist and dedicated cosmetic dentists at our unique dental clinic in Antalya first examine your tooth and discusses with you all the possible treatments (Veneers, crowns, Emax for a brilliant smile makeover/smile design/Hollywood smile or full mouth restoration with dental implants for missing teeth) that can be offered with their pros and cons so that your treatment choices are clear. Once you are confident we will proceed accordingly. For more information, you can book online consultation here.

Please feel free to contact our team for detailed information and get a free dental quotation.

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