Smile Center Turkey® offers a p-shot eswt and penile prothesis packages in Turkey. All-inclusive package for you. Ed treatment in Turkey. Full package. All-inclusive. The best eswt and men's health rehabilitation in Antalya, Turkey is at your service for your low-cost, affordable prices for your erectile dysfunction problems.

The most professional ed experts in Turkey. High-quality service is provided for the people who are looking for ed cure and penile implants in Antalya, Turkey.

We develop treatment plans (curing ed - best for ed - healthy & hard erections) customized for your needs to help you get your sexual function. Safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatment for men. Surgical treatment. The p-shot treatment has become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, which is recommended for patients who are looking for a cure center for erectile dysfunction treatment without surgery in Turkey.

Erectile dysfunction treatment with platelet-rich plasma or what is practically called p-shot is a 100% natural treatment without side effects and with a guarantee of success that exceeds 50%, and the treatment is carried out in one of the best and most experienced Turkish Urology Experts, where the treatment is supervised by the best-specialized doctors in the treatment of impotence in Turkey.

Available services are;
1-New ED Treatments in Antalya, Turkey
2-Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile dysfunction: EDSWT in Turkey (A new treatment on the horizon for an increasingly pleasant sex life)
3-Stem cells for erectile dysfunction treatment in Antalya, Turkey (Magellan TruPRP)
4-Penile implant surgery in Turkey (Multi-piece inflatable penile implants such as AMS700)
5-Penile Doppler Test & Blood Tests & Hormone Tests & Testosterone Tests

Erectile dysfunction treatment using P-Shot is one of the new treatments in the world that has spread in recent years in America and Europe, which is recommended by some ED doctors around the world for some cases, and in our partner clinic, we provide you with quality, confidence, and safety.

Our only success criterion is to make you smile at the end of the service you have received from our organization and to complete seamlessly the treatment processes of over 2.000 patients on average annually!

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