Zirconium crown is a method employed mainly for an aesthetic smile makeover. White zirconia has been preferred by many dental clinics in recent years as a modern alternative to the dull-colored metal alloy which was used to have resorted for bridge and detached prosthesis in the past. It also provides a solution for unfavorable changes in tooth color. Zirconium is a product with a wide range of positive impressions whereby patients will not need even any tooth whitening or bleaching after the treatment thanks to its unique components and design.

Zirconia crowns have opted for treatment of structural teeth defects as well. It is a quite effective method to treat teeth that are crooked or having gaps or angle disorders and attain a natural appearance. You can maintain your healthy teeth and aesthetic smile makeover for long years if supported with care on a regular basis.

At this point, it is useful to remind that zirconia crowns are more practical than other methods involving long treatment processes. As it does not contain any metal inside, no sensitivity or allergenic effects occur on the teeth by reason of eating food. It does not create any shrinkage or deformation on the gums, as it is also perfectly suited to organic areas.

Besides, the CAD-CAM technology which we implement in our clinic for zirconium crowns creates added value for your treatment process. Both the number of dental model rehearsals are completed in a single session and also no slightest incompatibility problem is experienced thanks to CAD-CAM, a computer-aided modeling technology taking a digital impression of teeth at the micron level. This cutting-edge technology employs an intraoral optical scanner to create the best 3D models for your mouth. CAM CAD will ensure your satisfaction at a peak level with perfect results when combined with Vita zircon crowns, the world-renowned German brand that we use in our clinic.​ A wide range of color options is available at our clinic for a Smile Makeover in Turkey procuring a brilliant and smooth appearance with its compatibility with light transmittance, gums, and enamel. Once the best model is created for you, we present our designs to you at our lab. Thus, you will have the Hollywood Smile in Antalya you desire that will satisfy you for long years. ​ ​Because your health is essential for Smile Center Turkey.

Full Veneers / Crowns in Turkey is applied at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. Smile Center Turkey utilizes materials at the same level compared to clinics in Europe & UK or the USA and performs an attentive control process after treatment meaning getting maximum service with a minimum fee. The dental crowns used in our clinics have a 7 year guarantee against fracturing or breaking.

The average cost of crowns / full veneers in Turkey is 160£ per tooth.

Please remember Smile Center Turkey is providing Dental Crowns Turkey Holiday Packages in Antalya including transfers and hotel stays.

Prices in other currencies are surely available.

The head dentist and dedicated cosmetic dentists at our unique dental clinic in Antalya first examine your tooth and discusses with you all the possible treatments (Veneers, crowns, Emax for a brilliant smile makeover/smile design/Hollywood smile or full mouth restoration with dental implants for missing teeth) that can be offered with their pros and cons so that your treatment choices are clear. Once you are confident we will proceed accordingly. For more information, you can book online consultation here.

Please feel free to contact our team for detailed information and get a free dental quotation.