Laminate veneers are the method that protects your original tooth the most compared to other applications in the field of tooth restoration. Thanks to these protective prostheses, you can achieve excellent results, especially in front tooth sets. Laminate veneers have a metal-free component and can close tooth gaps by achieving superior results in terms of smile makeover on the front of your teeth by making changes in tooth size, shape, and color.

ZAs laminate veneers involve precision processes, you should be under constant surveillance during your visit to Turkey. Your dentist’s initial examination is highly important in this sense.
After the aesthetic posture you desire to have while smiling is discussed over the 3D modeling image, the possible reactions of your tooth and mouth structure to this treatment are evaluated. If the laminate veneer is a proper solution for you, the application session can be started. Accordingly, let us remind you that laminate veneers may not be the proper solution for every patient.
The laminate veneer process takes one week on average under normal conditions. Whether you will use temporary material or not is determined in line with the decision by our dentist depending on how much your teeth are abraded in this process.


• Just like other crowns, it is possible to see how your teeth will look like before starting the procedures.

• Being in the form of a leaf, a laminate veneer is applied with less abrasion on the original tooth compared to other veneer types.

• Procedures conducted on your teeth are not noticeable thanks to its quality of light transmittance; you get a natural look.

• Laminate veneers have resistance to abrasion.

• Implementing the best suitable materials for smile makeovers, laminate veneers are offered with a wide range of color options.

We render the best quality materials with the highest technology in laminate veneers just like our other veneer procedures as Smile Center Turkey. We will be glad to host you as well at our clinic at your earliest.

Laminate Veneers in Turkey are applied at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. Smile Center Turkey utilizes materials at the same level compared to clinics in Europe & UK or the USA and performs an attentive control process after treatment meaning getting maximum service with a minimum fee. The Emax used in our clinics in Antalya has a 7-year guarantee against fracturing or breaking.

The average cost of Emax in Turkey is 212 Gbps per tooth.

Please remember Smile Center Turkey is providing Dental Laminate Veneers Turkey Packages in Antalya including transfers and hotel stays.

Prices in other currencies are surely available.

The head dentist and dedicated cosmetic dentists at our unique dental clinic in Antalya first examine your tooth and discusses with you all the possible treatments (Veneers, crowns, Emax for a brilliant smile makeover/smile design/Hollywood smile or full mouth restoration with dental implants for missing teeth) that can be offered with their pros and cons so that your treatment choices are clear. Once you are confident we will proceed accordingly. For more information, you can book online consultation here.

Please feel free to contact our team for detailed information and get a free dental quotation.