EMAX is a cutting-edge solution developed exclusively for cases when traditional metal-based crowns are not preferred and can give a satisfying aesthetic smile makeover. An amazing Hollywood Smile is waiting for you thanks to the translucent color of EMAX ceramic composite. With this technology referred also to as Empress Crowns, it is possible to have excellent results for front teeth that are discolored, crooked, or weakened by root canal treatment or other reasons. EMAX is the most preferred method for especially smile makeovers and has similar components with Zirconia indeed. Glass ceramic material used in EMAX is distinguished as a method that is more suitable for tooth and gum. Moreover, teeth are trimmed at a quite minimal level compared to other treatment options.

Firstly, your oral hygiene is made ready for EMAX application with treatment procedures conducted to the extent needed subsequent to the first examination and analysis Your treatment finishes in a short time after you select the best shade for yourself among a wide range of colors together with the qualified dentists of Smile Center Turkey.

• You should let your dentist decide on which application would be more efficient for you since EMAX requires more technical procedures with a different material compared to zirconia.

• While you may have a more natural and brilliant smile with EMAX applied teeth, the possibility of cracking may be higher compared to zirconia crowns. Accordingly, we should specify that zirconia crowns have two times more durability.

• Fitting process and hence treatment period may last a bit longer compared to zirconia because EMAX crowns are produced in a lab environment with quite delicate adjustments.

• Differing from the other restorations with its aesthetic targets, EMAX is priced based on the procedures to be conducted on your teeth. Prices of EMAX crowns are higher compared to zirconia crowns.

Applied with quality materials at clinic labs of Smile Center Turkey, EMAX does not cause any unfavorable experiences such as gum sensitivity, tartar formation, receding gums, or dull look.

You will be amazed at the way smile makeover meets technology with the results you get from EMAX.

Emax in Turkey is applied at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. Smile Center Turkey utilizes materials at the same level compared to clinics in Europe & UK or the USA and performs an attentive control process after treatment meaning getting maximum service with a minimum fee. The Emax used in our clinics in Antalya has a 7-year guarantee against fracturing or breaking.

The average cost of Emax in Turkey is 212 Gbps per tooth.

Please remember Smile Center Turkey is providing Dental Veneers Turkey Packages in Antalya including transfers and hotel stays.

Prices in other currencies are surely available.

The head dentist and dedicated cosmetic dentists at our unique dental clinic in Antalya first examine your tooth and discusses with you all the possible treatments (Veneers, crowns, Emax for a brilliant smile makeover/smile design/Hollywood smile or full mouth restoration with dental implants for missing teeth) that can be offered with their pros and cons so that your treatment choices are clear. Once you are confident we will proceed accordingly. For more information, you can book online consultation here.

Please feel free to contact our team for detailed information and get a free dental quotation.