Today, hair transplant is applied with many different techniques, and this means the results
obtained from such techniques also improve day by day. DHI is one of the hair transplant methods
employed at Smile Center Turkey clinics and it is also known as the “Choi pen technique”. Our DHI hair
transplant operations are performed with a guarantee at fully equipped hospitals by hair transplant
specialists having nine-year of experience.


Firstly, the analysis of your physician focuses on your hair type, strand thickness and loss areas. Thus,
the number of hair follicles (grafts) needed for your hair transplant is calculated. Blood values of our
patients are measured before DHI operation and operation preparation is completed under the
supervision of the physician. Our clinic gives utmost importance to detecting any chronic illness
and taking any needed precautions.
The direct Hair Implant technique is preferred because it does not cause any incision scar. Hair
follicles are extracted from the donor area with a special device and then transplanted on the recipient
area. The possibility of hair follicle loss is quite low compared to other methods. The implanting
device makes it easy for physicians to set the angle of transplanted hair. Thus, the physicians can
get more efficient and productive results after the operation.
Since graft extraction and transplantation are done simultaneously, grafts remain out of the body for
very little time. Local anesthesia is administered to the patients in the DHI technique. This anesthesia
does not cause any injection pain because it is sprayed with a special device called Comfort-In.
Hair grafts extracted after anesthesia are classified and then transplanted to balding areas. ​


- The elapsed time between hair follicles extraction and transplantation is shorter compared to
other methods. Therefore, the risk of hair follicle loss during the operation is minimized.
- DHI technique has the advantage of frequent and dense transplants. So, you can get a more natural
- No need to wait for the completion of the hair loss process in the DHI technique.
- Recovery period of patients is very short. The best results are obtained within 6 months to 1 year.
- Treatment areas start to heal, and the crusts fall off within 1 week following the operation.


• Post-operative loss rate in the DHI method is less than FUE method, and the success rate is higher.
• In the FUE technique, the total number of grafts transplanted in a single session is higher than in the DHI
• FUE technique allows for hair transplanting on a larger area while the DHI method has the advantage
of more frequent transplanting.
• FUE hair transplantation is less costly than DHI.