A tooth root form made of titanium is placed in the jawbone in the dental treatment method known as an implant. Implantation has been an influential alternative to the treatment of missing teeth in recent years. For this reason, patients should anymore care about quality criteria by reason of its popularity.
Today, implant treatment durations are shorter, and discomfort felt by patients during and after treatment has substantially diminished compared to the earlier implant applications.

Patients having chronic disorders such as diabetes, blood pressure, and heart conditions should start implant treatment in line with the doctor’s observation and permission. As for other patients with normal health conditions, the implant treatment process is initiated meticulously after the first examinations.

In the first stage, a cavity is created in the jawbone in a manner convenient for the teeth and jaw structure of the patient. Quality of surgical materials, sterilization of operation environment, and experience of dentists are quite significant as the cavity requires surgical intervention. You can be sure of the competency of our dentists having more than twenty-year experience and the quality of our equipment technology since Smile Center Turkey utilizes exclusive equipment manufactured in accordance with the World Health Organization’s criteria and accredited by international quality assurance certificates in clinical operations.

Depending on the treatment scope to be applied to the patient, it takes from 3 to 6 months for the jawbone to grow around the placed implant and surround it like a natural part of the gum line. In this period, you will make 2-3 standard visits to Turkey in parallel with the productive results of your treatment.

To maintain hygiene for your implants, you can continue the same dental care as your natural teeth. Just brush your teeth regularly and avoid hard substances that may damage your implants to use your implant teeth in a healthy way.

At this point, it is useful to remind that zirconia crowns are more practical than other methods involving long treatment processes. As it does not contain any metal inside, no sensitivity or allergenic effects occur on the teeth by reason of eating food. It does not create any shrinkage or deformation on the gums, as it is also perfectly suited to organic areas.

Tooth losses previously experienced by patients who need implant treatment may also cause certain structural problems. When the sinus cavities in the upper jaw bones move downwards after tooth loss, they may interfere with implant treatment.
“Sinus Lifting” operation is carried out to resolve this problem. The patient may prefer either local or general anesthesia for this operation. The sinus cavities below the needed position are surgically lifted up and the necessary environment for implant installation is created.
You will make 2 or 3 visits to Turkey depending on the guidance of your dentist in such cases.

Implant treatment in Turkey is applied at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. Smile Center Turkey utilizes materials at the same level compared to clinics in Europe & UK or the USA and performs an attentive control process after treatment meaning getting maximum service with a minimum fee. The implants used in our clinics have a lifetime guarantee against fracturing or breaking. Besides, they are accredited with internationally accepted certificates.

The average cost of dental implants in Turkey is 340-600 Gbps – the best implant brand Straumann Dental Implants are from 600 Gbps, Medentika 420 Gbps and Omnitech Dental Implants Prices are 340 Gbps. Please remember Smile Center Turkey is providing Dental implants Turkey Packages in Antalya including transfers and hotel stays.

Prices in other currencies are surely available.

The head dentist and dedicated cosmetic dentists at our unique dental clinic in Antalya first examine your tooth and discusses with you all the possible treatments (Veneers, crowns, Emax for a brilliant smile makeover/smile design/Hollywood smile or full mouth restoration with dental implants for missing teeth) that can be offered with their pros and cons so that your treatment choices are clear. Once you are confident we will proceed accordingly. For more information, you can book online consultation here.

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