Breast aesthetics comes first among the areas that have high rates of operation since the breasts are quite prone to change. Such deformities caused especially by pregnancy conditions and birth are eliminated from being women’s breast aesthetic problems due to today’s developed surgical methods.


Breast augmentation operation is the most preferred breast aesthetic surgery type. Breasts undergoing frequent weight change, losing volume due to hormonal problems during the breastfeeding period, failing in completing their development process, or shrinking due to aging also cause loss of self-confidence in women.




  • Breast augmentation is generally done using implants.


  • A computer-based model is created after the necessary discussion between patient and doctor, and the final appearance of the patient’s breasts is determined.


  • In breast augmentation operations, the aim is not to have a generally accepted size. Instead, an ideal breast size tailor-made for the patient’s body and also attain a natural appearance is targeted in line with the views of the patient and doctor. 


  • A breast augmentation operation is done under general anesthesia. Depending on the method determined earlier, there will be a silicon implant placement done through an incision beneath the breast. The incision is made beneath the breast to avoid the visibility of the surgery mark after the operation.




The success rate for breast augmentation operations is extremely high, especially for the ones done with implants. While the patient’s body implant acceptance rate varies depending on the patient, the lifestyle of the patient also plays a big role in the permanency of the operation. Although it’s a rather small possibility, being very active or weight changes can also cause the implant to move away from its place. In such cases, there may also be small operations to serve as an intervention.

The materials in line with today’s developing technology are durable if patients are satisfied with their appearance.


Smile Center Turkey uses the highest quality equipment besides their experienced surgeons. Our clinics use Mentor American implants for breast augmentation operations and these products have a lifetime guarantee.


1-night of hospital accommodation and 5 nights of hotel accommodation are needed under the supervision of Smile Center Turkey team after breast augmentation operations.


We accompany you in each step of the breast augmentation operation organized by the Smile Center Turkey team. From the moment you arrive in Turkey, our assistant services start with pick-up transfers, hotel, and hospital accommodation organizations with the highest level of quality.

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