Lipo 360 (or 360 Lipo) refers to the body areas where liposuction is performed – three hundred and sixty degrees, or all the way around the midsection.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, liposuction, can provide great results for men and women who want to lose extra fat.

Today, 360-degree liposculpture is a similar body shaping technique that performs liposuction in one step.

The main differences between liposuction and 360-degree liposuction

Liposuction actually removes fat from unwanted areas and creates a smooth outline. In the middle part, liposuction is traditionally performed on the abdomen, waist, or back.

360 ° liposuction is a more complex procedure that combines mid-liposuction to achieve a generally curved, contoured figure from every angle. While liposuction is usually performed in one area at a time, 360-degree liposuction focuses on multiple areas of the midstream, where hard fat may be a problem. This will help create a more balanced, proportionate look.

Understand the limitations of liposuction

It is important to understand what liposuction cannot do. While liposuction is a very effective procedure and most people like body shaping results, liposuction does not remove excess skin. Abdominal plastic surgery, body lifting, or related cosmetic surgery may be needed if the problem is excess skin. In addition, liposuction is not a weight-loss operation and we will probably advise you to maintain a steady weight before performing any body shaping procedure.

To decide if a 360-degree lipo in Antalya, Turkey is the answer for you, schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeons to discuss your options.