Turkey Teeth Phenomenon

Turkey Teeth Phenomenon

In the contemporary timeframe, millions of people travel overseas for medical treatment due to various factors like cost effectiveness, better quality, less waiting time, availability of treatment, alternative therapies, and natural endowments. A booming industry "Turkey Teeth" became a phenomenon and Turkey is now a place with budget-friendly dental service providers. Let's dive into the "smile bargains" and see if this is a mistake or the best thing in your life. 

What are the criteria to choose a trustworthy dental clinic in Turkey?
***It is a guide to figuring out "is my dentist in Turkey really qualified?"***

I do check all these below and then do my decision;
-Do they have a proper website with all the legit information? 
-Do they have a youtube channel with testimonial videos?
-Do they have a Trustpilot account and can I read good reviews of previous patients?
-Do they provide proper face-to-face consultation with the head dentist and when you come getting an X-ray (3D Tomography if needed) and oral exam on the dentist chair?
-Are prices transparent? Are dental package/smile makeover package details answering all my questions?
-Am I informed about the product details such as brands and used materials of veneers, crowns and implants?
-Do they have dedicated patient coordinators?
-Do they have warranty options and am I informed about these details? 
-Do I know a "full rundown of everything" from start to finish?
-What if something happens when I go back to my home country. Do they cover my flights and hotel and treatment by guarantee?
-Did any of my friends or relatives be there and do they know me coming with a reference?
-Do they use technology to follow my process from start to finish with all medical records?

When you ask all these questions and get "YES" answers then you are at a good place to be. 

Tears of Happiness
As doing patient management for over 5 years I have talked to & seen people who never had a good dentistry service in their countries. 
Coming from miles away and feeling "nervous" and "skeptical" about the final results. Can you imagine how many times I manage this kind of feeling of people coming from the Uk and Europe for dental treatments? Answer 1000's of times. Obvious! I am being a careful listener, an intense carer, and a supportive local host for people who come to our clinic. 

-Omg, amazing! 
-That's crazy! 
-Massive transformation, thank you!

I have seen a lot of "happy eyes" and heard all these words above coming out of the mouths of people over and over again.

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